Apache Sling 6 Released

Bringing Back the Fun

Apache Sling brings back the fun to Java developers and makes the life of a web developer much easier. It combines current state of the art technologies and methods like OSGi, REST, scripting, and JCR.

The main focus of Sling deals with the important task of bringing your content into the web and providing a platform to manage/update the content in a REST style.

Sling is built as OSGi bundles and therefore benefits from all advantages of OSGi. On the development side a scripting layer (leveraging the Java Scripting API) allows to use any scripting language with Sling (of course you can use plain old Java, too). And on top of this, Sling helps in developing an application in a RESTful way.

As the first web framework dedicated to JSR-283 Java Content Repositories, Sling makes it very simple to implement simple applications, while providing an enterprise-level framework for more complex applications. Underneath the covers Apache Jackrabbit is used for the repository implementation.

Download the new release, Apache Sling 6, today and give it a try!

Apache Sling currently comes in four flavors:
  • A standalone Java application (a jar containing everything to get started with Sling)
  • A web application (just drop this into your favorite web container)
  • The full source package (interested in reading the source?)
  • Maven Artifacts (available from the Central Maven Repository)
For more information, please visit the Apache Sling web site or go directly to the download site.

For those interested in numbers: Since the Apache Sling 5 announcement ...
  • 22 months have passed
  • 7 committers have been added to Apache Sling
  • 3 members have been added to the Apache Sling PMC
  • 158 releases have been cut and voted on
  • ~2800 commits have been sent to the SVN repository
I would like to thank every user, contributor, committer and member of the PMC for their hard work and sometimes patience for making Apache Sling 6 a reality.


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