Es werden Posts vom 2010 angezeigt.

Class.forName ? Probably not ...

After subscribing to the OSGi Planet feed I felt like starting to read some old blog posts and stumbled upon a series of posts by BJ Hargave around the issues of the Eclipse ContextFinder caused by the Class.forName methods. For the full story please go and read Class.forName caches defined class in the initiating class loader (and folow the links !). So, these posts caused me to try and look how we behave in Apache Sling ... and of course hoped we would be clean. Well, hmm, turns out we are not ... I found nine classes using Class.forName . So we probably have to clean this up. Maybe or maybe not, these uses may be the cause for some strange failures we had over time. I cannot really tell. But I cannot exclude this possibility either. BTW, this is what I did to find the classes: $ find . -name "*.java" -exec fgrep -l Class.forName {} \;